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Cedar Decks

Cedar Decks

 Natural wood decks are the most popular type of decks. More than 70% of the decks our deck builders complete are made of wood, wheather treated pine. Cedar decks, though less popular than pressure treated decks have some distinctive advantages over other types of wooden decks. Cedar decks are a great choice, because both white and western red cedar are rot and inspect resistant. The nice smell of cedar decks would take your imagination into a deep forest. For this reason cedar decks are something exclusive and unique dor those who wants to enjoy the smell, quality and beautful patterns of cedar decking.    

For the past years our deck builders have built many western red cedar decks and this  deck renovation/ restoration project costested with removing decking boards and railings and replacing with new cedar decking boards and black aluminium railings 42 inch height.  this Cedar Deck was resurfaced with western red cedar decking 12ft from a Lowes store attached with 2 1/2 inch cedar deck screws. 

For this decking project as well as many more western red cedar decks we built at  Kanata Lakes in Ottawa Area, Ontario deck permit service was provided .

Western Red Cedar Decks  

As one of the best cedar deck contractors we have experience and knowledge of all cedar decking products which would perfectly suit your needs in accordance with your house location, deck usage and expectations. Our experienced decking installers we are happy to help our clients to make dream deck ideas come true.

   See more photos of this western red cedar deck with aluminum railings in kanata, Ottawa on our facebook page !