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Big Decks 

Big Decks 

This high elevation big deck of over 9 ft in height was designed and built in one of the houses at Morgant's Grant heighborhood in Kanata, Ottawa Area.

This big deck has a big area for barbeque, outdoor furniture as well as enough space for kids to play. For safety of children a deck door leading to a deck stairs was implemented. So safe decks can be not those of ground elevation but even as high as this one with incorporated safety features 

Large Decks 

 The was completed in July 2018 and passed four inspections by the city of Ottawa's building inspectors. For natural wood color preservation the deck was sealed with a clear protective sealant. 


Backyard Decks | Back Decks


Backyard Decks Backyard Decks 

This relatively small back deck was a replacement of an old backyard deck that had served for many years. The house that features this back deck is located in Bridlewood - Emerald Meadows neighborhood in Kanata, Ottawa area, Ontario. It is one of the attached backard decks our deck builders built the same year. Back decks that were built with natural wood and black aluminum railings composition are the most popular ones. The bottom part of the back deck was enclosed with a lattice skirting. The lattice enclosed bottom was reinforced so that the lattice would not break or split for many years to come.

Back Deck 

The Duration of the decking project was estimated for a week and was implemented within the contracted time. Every stage of this back deck construction was inspected by the city's building inspector and the final inspection report with sucessful completion was granted. The stages of deck construction that require to be inspected are 1) Excavation 2) Concrete Footings 3) Framing 4) Final: Railings, Stairs and overall safety and completion. It's always a good idea to built backyard decks with an issued permit because the city takes care and responsibility that the deck is built in compliance with the Building Code, the local by-laws and safe for usage.