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Floating Decks

Floating Decks 

     Free standing or floating decks are structures built as an independent island with frame supporting the whole structure without attaching deck to a house.  One of the the most common type of a floating deck is a ground level deck adjacent to a house or absolutely remote from it. Another type of a floating deck design is a raised deck not attached to the house. Free standing deck plans of this kind require thorough elaboration by deck builders and structural engineers to make sure the floating deck is solid and has a decking frame support cabale to withsatnd different weather conditions and loads. Being one of the most experienced deck contractors when building raised decks over 2 ft we prefer attach them the house when and where possible. For foundation of such elevated decks our builders recommend making poured concrete footings below in the ground below the frost line. No matter what decking ideas you jave in mind: floating decks attached to a house or free standing groung level decks, our decking specialist will be glad to provide a comprehensive consultation. 

 Ground Level Decks

  The low level floating decks are very solid and sturdy because in most case the frame is supported by multiple deck blocks if compared to poured concrete footings which are distributed rarely in this comparison.  The ground level decks' load in this manner is distributed equally between handi-blocks making the decking structure more stable. In the building code terms ground level decks won't exceed 2 ft in height and do not require building permit if the total area is less than 108 ft. In many municipalities even this restriction is waived, because ground level floating decks are relatively safe and often are built as an alternative to backyard patio stones. Pay attention on how your deck will be attached to the house when discussing deck designs with your deck contractor.

Free Standing Decks

  As mentioned above low level floating decks are an amazing solution for patio deck project. It is relatively less complicated than free standing decks 2 ft above the grade. As any other bakyard deck, ground level decks can be be builts with a variety of materials: composte decking, pressure treated wood and cedar. Trex decks are favourite type of ground level decks of our deck builders. Treated pine decks are the most popular type of floating deck due to its affordability and appealing look.

  For example this free floating deck is not attached to the house. It is a free standing deck build on deck blocks, also known as handi blocks. The blocks were firmly located on the previousle prepaired gravel surface. Gravel was placed on the weed blocking fabric layed on the prevously cleaned from grass soil. Contact us for more ground level deck desings, plans and pictures.