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Raised Decks 

  Building raised decks is the main speciality of's decking specialists. Over 60% of all the backyard decks we build are elevated over 6 ft above ground. small or large, raised decks can be made with composite and natural wood decking boards. For deck framing pressure treated wood is the most common option because this material is durable, insect and rot resistent. Though being natural, pine is chemically treaded to obtain the features this wood is so widely chosen for. Composite decking is a relatively new trend in building large raised decks, because of its low maintenance advantage. Many deck contractors as seized the opportunity to introduce new materials to build contemporary decks of high comfort and nice appearance. However high elevated decks build of natural wood are still more preferred because of the price competitiveness and the charm of the natural wood.      

Safe Raised Decks 

  Raised decks build high above the ground have to be very safe and solid, because there are many risks for the health and lives of residents if the structure is not built properly. Following the Ontario Building Code standarts for deck building is mandatory, as well as other by-laws and regulations adapted to the local conditions. The city authorities have more stricted guidelines for high decks raised over 5 ft above the grade. For example, railings have to be 42 inches in height, while for low elevated decks railings might be 36 inches. 

Raised Decks' Designs 

 Designing raised decks is a very impostant process carried out by our experienced designers and decking installers. Being safe and the code compliant does not mean the raised decks can be compromised on style and appearance. Ready raised deck designs are available for our clients. For those interested in unique elevated decks we can design decks exclusively for the specific needs of our clients. Whatever raised deck ideas you have we would be glad to designs, plan and build your dream deck. All the decks, high raised or those with low elevation must be 100% compliant with the building code. Here at FeDeck we design and build decks that exceed the minimum requirements set by the local regulation. In striving to be one of the best deck contractors in Canada, we offer all inclusive deck permits service in designing, palnning and obtaing a building permit to build a deck.