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Small Decks 

   Looking for small deck ideas on a budget to transform your backyard into a comfortable and recreational space? Here are some advice on small deck designs that would fit your budget and satisfy imagination. The good thing about small decks is that because of the little amount of decking materials to be used, more expensive composite decks can be afforded. This is an important moment to think about choosing your deck builder among many decking contractors. 

 Small Deck Ideas 

    Navigating though many small deck designs, make sure you know about the priorities and functional features your future small deck should have. As we said choosing among all the deck sizes you want and figuring the needs the decking structure must serve is the first step in making the right decision.  Small decks with stairs is a very perfect solution for many house owners, because back decks, while being an access to the rear of the house could also be a space to place outdoor furniture for family to enjoy open space dinners in summer.  On the other hand if the backyard is not big enoigh to build a small deck with stairs, and homeowners would rather have a good sized patio with a garden, outdoor stairs can be built as a back entrance to a house. 

 Small decks designs 

 In order to design a beautiful small deck for your backyard we need to know what type of decking materials you prefer.  In our efforts to be one of the best deck builders we try to offer a wide variety of deck ideas and designs to choose from.Big or small, decks can be with composite decking boards or pressure treated wood. Composite decks being the most expensive ones, require less maintenance and look very pretty when built professionally. When natural wood decks are considered as a backyard improvement, first of all treated pine decks come in mind, because pine decks are pretty, durable and affordable. The cheapest decks in terms of quality would be the decking structures built with pressure treated wood. The next alternative to pressure treated decks is cedar decks, which are approximately 30% more expensive than treated wood decks.  When our deck builders are hired to build small decks, plans, designs, drawings and prictural are provided for the clients to help in determining the needs and ideas that would make deck ideas a reality. L-shaped decks or regular sized square decks are some of the small deck options to consider as well. 

 Small decks with stairs 

  This small deck with stairs built as a backyard entrance from the garden is the ideal solution for houses with small lots. Small decks of such design will let you enjoy the comfort of deck allowing utilize the garden and backyard space for other activities and purposes.