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treated pine decks

Treated Pine Decks 

 Natural wood is a very popular material and has multiple applications for home improvements. Treated pine decks ususally the best idea when outdoor space improvements are needed. Pine decks are built with pressure treated lumber and as the name implies it undergoes chemical treatment, because pine is not rot and insect resistent by its nature. Termites is one of the major problems for pine lumber. So when building pine decks lumber has to be pressure treated. Being one of the cheapest decks in terms of price treated pine decks are very solid and long lasting. Our deck builders often take decking restoration projects and quite often 20-25 year old pine decks can be found in fair condition. If compared to cedar decks and other natural woods, treated pine decks are more durable and the most inexpensive decks on the market.   

Pine Decks 

This treated pine deck was built in accordance with the building permit obtained from the city of Ottawa in full compliance with the Ontario Building Code. All pine decks our decking intallers completed so far, successfully passed all the city inspections. The materials used for building this treated pine deck were supplied by a certified supplier. Being one of the best local deck builders we carefully choose our lumber suppliers.

Deck Parts consist of pressure treated wood deck framing, treated pine decking boards and wood railings with black aluminum balusters. Custom made railing sections were connected with nice black connectors wich add extra charming appearance and reinforce the connection of top and bottom rails with 4x4 rail posts. 

The project was completed at Fletcher Circle in Kanata North in Kanata Lakes neighborhood, Ottawa West Area in Ontario.

 Treated Pine Decks 

There are many deck companies in Ottawa, specialising in building treated pine decks  with different degree of reliablility, experience and pricing. is a local deck ccontractor operating in Barrhaven, Nepean, Kanata, Stittsville, Richmond, Manotick and Ottawa surroundings. We do implement the best practices of deck planning and building for our clients. We believe that our attitude, experience, and knowledge let us build the best decks in the market, though we realize there is no limit for perfection, which is our credo and goal. Treated pine decks can be the best investment to improve home which will pay off when homeowner decided to sell house. Before hiring decks builders make sure you have all the permits and clerances available. If you choose as your treated pine deck contractor, we will take care of everything from pine deck designs, plans to building and passing all the city inspections.  

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