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Trex Decks

There are a big variety of composite decking boards, but many deck builders in Ottawa quite often choose to build trex decks because of the brands long-term reputaion and a good selection of colors and textures. Composte decks known as a low maintenance and nice in appearance decking solution. Based on the experience of our deck specialists Trex decks is also most often sought brand by the clients. There are tree types of composite decking boards that Trex decking company offers: Trex Transcend, Trex Enhance and Trex Select:   

Trex Transcend 

Decking boards of trex transcend is the top of the line with thicker layer of plastic and more resilient to scratches and damages if compared to other composite boards of the same producer. Trex transcend is the only decking board that has CCNC certificate which makes it acceptable for building raised trex decks that requre building permits. The Ontario Building Code does not regulate the usage in compemporary material and every new product introduced to the market must be certifies. For this reason of being certified in Canada' deck builders prefer building trex composite decks over other brands.

Trex Enhance 

Trex decks built with trex enhance decking boards are usually ground level decks. Low elevation decks in compared to second story decks are not regulated by the building code if the area is less than 108 st.ft. Trex enhace composite decking boards have a less thicker layer of protective material which make it still resistent to scratches and dameges. If compared to trex trancend, enhance decking is a good and less expensive alternative for building premium trex composite decks. 

Trex Select  

The most popular composite decking boards when building trex decks is "select" . Select line is sought to build the cheapest composite decks in terms of price and good in terms of quality decking. As mentioned earlier trex decks that legally do not requre building permit service most likely will be built with trex decking boards. Being the cheapest decking boards among other trex products, it has a good quality and like any other product of this manufacturer. 

Trex decks built with decking boards of any of these lines will have 25 year warranty from the manufacturer.  Being one of the most experinced deck contractors in Ottawa the only and the most importand advice our deck specialist would give to any decking installer is to follow the manufacturer's instructions when building trex composite decks. 

Trex Composite Decks  

This composite deck was built in Ottawa at Kanata South neighborhood with the combination of different materials: 

Foundation: poured concrete piers

Frame: post, beams & joists were built with pressure treated wood lumber 

Composite Decking :  trex decking boards 

Railings: Black Aluminum Railings